The Guide

■ Hours and Operating period

① until September 1 to April 30 days (usually time)
9: 00 ~ 17: 00
(※ final accepted until 15:30 admission)

② until May 1st – August 31st (summer time)
9:00 to 19: 00
(※ final accepted 17:30 of admission)

※ ···· about congestion
■ 2 hours and 15 o’clock or later on weekdays from 11 am to 13 relatively has become the easy-to-use time zone.

Other time periods are located in crowded prone.



Saturday is relatively easy to use situation.


■Sunday And holiday
Section, there is a tendency use is often due to weather.

■ For regular holiday

Every week, Monday (Monday is a holiday, when the holiday will be the next day is a regular holiday.)
Year-end and New Year holidays 12 May 29 to January 3 will be the New Year holidays.
This property does not have an Obon holiday.

■ About Notes

  • This Park golf course has been managed as a city park.
  • Citizens have set a target of Park golf course that can be used at any time.
  • For management that citizens can use to equality, minority groups and family, keeping the fairness of such regional organizations, acceptance, is based on first-come, first-served at the counter .
  • However, there is a case where I am allowed to restrict the general public during the use of the tournament or the like which is public interest held (use permit application). , please check in advance.
  • during the weekday morning , day public holiday tend to many people is utilized. , please visitors on the Contact Us usage.
  • weekdays 11 13 o’clock and 15 o’clock o’clock on Saturday all day, is becoming relatively easy to use time. TEL 092-504-5333
  • In the case of dangerous weather such as typhoons and thunderstorms, Please note that there is a case where I am refrain from use. If you predict the bad weather and extreme weather events as well during the play may make the use restrictions.
  • Only children (junior high school students or less) round, from a safety point of view, it has become prohibited. Please playing in 4 people one set that includes the always protect one person . (even guardian attendant, foursome of children only, please refrain.)

■ About Prohibited

  • In Tsukiguma Park golf course, it prohibits play entrained trash (empty cans, plastic bottles, snack wrapping paper, etc.) and pets.
  • Guests of the hotel has become a the entire non smoking . (clubhouse around. There are some smoking areas.)
  • Bringing such as alcohol in Guests of the hotel has become a prohibited .
  • Tools, etc., by a safety point of view, you can use only tool with a Park Golf certification mark. tool of other sports can not be used.
  • Shoes, such as damage to the lawn can not be used. Please your visit in the athletic shoes .
  • lawn protection and security by facility characteristics (course with a difference in height and stairs, etc.), for the prevention of accidents , club house, in a place of except Gardens Road , wheelchair, you can not use the stroller.
  • Two striking of the ball (to play with two balls), practice hitting in the green is prohibited.
  • Such as the act of damage to the facility (… damage the. Lawn folding the trees) will be prohibited acts.

■ Park golf course next to the parking lot, there is a parking lot in the position of walking three to five minutes.

  • Parking is free. Recently, so an increasing number of “car on the storm”, be careful not to put valuables absolutely in the car.
  • The property next to the adjacent parking lot ( 52 cars parking Allowed ) There is. ( clubhouse next to parking, separately, you will need permit .)

■ For use fee

Use fee, making it as follows. If you do not have a tool is, Vouchers (1 round only) + Tools tickets (equipment rental fee) is required.
Tickets are becoming than the date of issue one year effective . (We in the use ticket 10 sheets of the amount of money made on a single minute deals.)
Please feel free to contact us to the reception counter of the management office . TEL092-504-5333 up

■ How use of the facility (accepted at the time of your visit)

  • The use of the Park golf, you need fill out and submit the “facility use application form” at our Park golf course accepted.
  • To the “application form”, the representative’s name, address, on top of the fill in the number of people, use ticket at ticket vending machines, tool tickets a (someone who does not have tools only) to purchase the number of people, should be submitted to the reception counter.
  • “Application form” has been installed in the club house.

■ For questions of facility use

You want to use in the recreation, for the first time, rules, such as manners do not know,
Please feel free to contact us to the reception counter of the management office.
Please feel free to contact any 092-504-5333.

※ For application of park use

If that is the use of the following is required to apply for application form. Please submit on the application form you are looking for at the reception.
  • If you want to use only the facilities of the park in the act permit application park in designated areas in the organizations and individuals to submit a “use permit”, it is necessary to obtain the permission of the administrator (city hall).
    Roughly the permission of the procedure will take number of days for 14 days .
  • If you are installing a park private use permit application parkland in facilities and equipment, etc., to submit a “private use permit”, it is necessary to obtain the permission of the administrator (city hall).
    Roughly the permission of the procedure will take number of days for 14 days .
  • Those who participate in the event hosting in the event participation application this venue, please submit top of fill out the application form is being prepared at the reception.

  • When we admitted that it is park use fee exemption application public interest on the other special reason, you can be exempt royalties, fees or private use charges.    

May 2, 2014 revision
October 10, 2014 revision