[Welcome to the Fukuoka City Tsukiguma Park golf course]

Tsukiguma Park golf course is one of the Fukuoka city park (Tsukiguma Kitaryokuchi), as “Park golf course that everyone can use more of the citizens”, designated manager: Representatives oriental green space construction Co., Ltd, 2011 Effective April 1, year, from Fukuoka city housing and urban stations green of the city Department green management Division, as the designated administrator (private commission), we have the operational management.
The property is, 1999 and opening of the park from August 1, those of 50,000 people before and after a year will be your visit. (Number of people is the number of round), such as lush of a number of trees, is composed of a 18-hole with a change, making it feel free to enjoy the course design to the elderly from the beginner. By all means, on top of the natural lawn, close to enjoy new sports, or do not you come experience the Park Golf?
Tours of facilities also are accepted at any time. At the first one is Park golf beginner classroom, rules in the face-to-face course, you feel free to learn manners practical.
(monthly, first Saturday held) we have also held such as the competition experience meeting (every month, held the second Thursday)
Staff Everyone, everyone We look forward your visit.
(basically every Monday is becoming Kyuen day, if Monday is a public holiday, it will be the next day is closed day.
New Year holiday is the January three days from December 29. Obon holiday will be normal business. ) For more details, please refer to in this HP “Works”.
Please, feel free to, feel free to to Tsukiguma Park golf course TEL:092-504-5333 Fax:092-586-5388, please contact us. (It is opening of the park from 9 pm every day. Facility of congestion situation can be confirmed.)

Designated manager Representatives Toyo Ryokuchi construction Co., Ltd.