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■Designated manager [Toyo ryokuchi construction Co., Ltd.]

●Toyo Ryokuchi construction, Inc. [affairs, operation and management facilities and grass-planting maintenance, implementation planning and implementation of independent businesses]

○Company name ToyoRyokuchi construction, Inc.
○location Hakata-ku, Fukuoka Backed 5-chome 11th No. 2
TEL 092-581-0688 / FAX 092-573-3010
○Registration Governor of Fukuoka Prefecture permit (JP) No. 94467
○Business Landscaping (private, public) construction and maintenance business, lawn management business, design and construction of civil engineering and stone construction, production and sales of seedlings, plants, pollution prevention trees, Fukuoka city park (Tsukiguma Park golf course) and the Fukuoka prefectural park (prefectural East Park) designated administrator business of (administrative, management and planning of independent businesses, implementation)
■Toyo Ryokuchi construction, Inc.
■Prefectural Higashi Park

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■Fukuoka City Hall Housing and Urban stations green of the city Department green Management Division

Corporate code of ethics

■Basic Compliance Policy

The Group and consistency of management on the basic policy is to comply with laws and social norms, fully understand the company’s basic philosophy of “to realize the rich became a trinity of customers, local communities and employees living” and, we will continue to contribute to society.

  • Contribution to society

In order to meet the needs of society to diversify, harmonizing the interests of profit and social enterprise, we will actively play a role as a “good corporate citizen that community.”

  • Compliance with laws and regulations

To comply with the law and its spirit, to act in good faith.

  • Fair Trade

Even under any circumstances, do the fair, transparent and free competition.

  • Blocking relationships with anti-social forces

Shut off the relationship at all with anti-social forces that threaten the order and safety of civil society, for the transactions and money of the request to reject resolute become a company-wide integrated.

  • Consideration of the global environment

In all areas of the business activities, the importance of environmental protection deep understanding, we will be actively involved in conservation activities of the global environment.

  • Compliance of the construction industry related laws

Construction work – is when consultancy orders signed a proper contract in writing, after the contract is faithfully fulfill the terms of the agreement, will do our best to construction that can respond to the trust of the ordering party.

  • Realization of the work environment

Together to comply with the Labor Relations Act, and achieve comfort and prosperity of employees, ensure a safe and comfortable working environment, we aim to corporate culture that can maximize the quality and capabilities of the employees.

  • Protection and management of personal information

For personal information of internal and external stakeholders that obtained in the course of business, and used only for business purposes, and strictly managed so that information to the outside does not leak.

  • Appropriate accounting

Described accurately in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations is when fill the description and the voucher to the accounting books, false or fictitious description and off-balance-sheet of the assets, not the construction of liability, and the like.

  • Management information system

When in-house information system construction is carried out safely necessary measures of information systems, it will take measures to prevent unauthorized intrusion and virus contamination from the outside.

  • Protection of intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights of the company is an important asset of the company, these were properly utilized, we will endeavor to preserve its rights.

■privacy policy

The Group recognizes the importance of personal information in the information society, in order to handle personal information properly, set the handling policy on street personal information in the following, we will strive to protect personal information.

  • Limited by the specific and purpose of the purpose of use

If there is a need for the acquisition of personal information in corporate activities, to determine as much as possible the purpose of use. In addition, personal information, only if business operations on the necessary, and used within the scope of the purpose of use.

  • Notification of the purpose of use of the time of the proper acquisition and acquisition

We are, by appropriate and fair means, to collect personal information with an explicit purpose.

  • Management of personal information

Personal information that we acquired, we pay the maximum attention in order to prevent leakage or loss along with the make the appropriate management.

  • Ensure the accuracy of data content

Regularly confirm the contents of the personal information, to maintain accurate and up-to-date personal information within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use.

  • Limit of third party offer

And if we are to entrust the handling to the extent necessary to achieve its purpose, unless there is a legitimate reason, such as when there is a defined by the laws and regulations, to obtain the consent of the person the personal information in advance rather, it will not be provided to third parties.

  • Measures for publication, etc., disclosure, correction, etc., suspension, etc.

Our company, for personal information, if there is a request for disclosure, correction, suspension of use, add, delete or erase from the person will respond promptly.

  • Compliance with laws and regulations

In order to ensure implementation of the protection of personal information, we will comply with the relevant laws and regulations such as the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.