About Park Golf

Source: Japan Metropolitan Government Japan Park Golf Association (formerly NPO International Park Golf Association)

Please note that each golf course has usage attention so please make sure to check with each golf course and have fun.

Park Golf is a new sport originated Hokkaido.
There are about about 3600 locations across the country, of which about 2450 places located in Hokkaido. There are places about 12 in Kyushu.
Origin of the name was named “Park Golf” in the fact that “Golf carried out in the park.”
A course that has been covered with natural grass, with one club, hit the ball, is a fun and play new sports while competing the bats until the cup in.

■How to proceed with the game

Since it has almost according to the golf, after a brief description, in a wide generation from children, you can enjoy feel free to contact

  • One can also enjoy in, but if three or four people around together, you can enjoy even more(
    You can not only round children
    4 people one set including the always protect one person (or more high school students) , please play in
  • (18th from 10th) out (9 Nos. 1) course in course, a total of 18 holes, is a one-round. Duration of the play is a 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours .
  • Order to hit, the 1st hole determined by lottery stick or rock-paper-scissors, after that, you can type from the bats of the few people in front of the hall.

  • Please move to the course from the hit everyone the Ichida eyes of the ball.
  • Each hole is from the second shot, we will hit the farthest from the ball.
  • When the ball on the green is a batted ball direction of failure, it can be moved temporarily to seek consent. In this case, let’s mark by placing a marker such as the position of the ball. (However, you can not move one stroke first.)
  • Always the people you are trying to play mind around, do not stay away, please play in safety first.

■About the rules

Everyone in, rules, let’s fun to play and observe the manners.

■Basic, the rules

  • Rules are almost according to the Golf. distance is 1 roughly 10 minutes of golf.
  • There is a tee ground to the start position, 1 has been set standard bats of 3 from 5 in the hole (par) it is. 18 is a par 66 in the hall.

  • Use Park Golf dedicated club, ball, the tee. (By the platform to put the ball to the tee, you must always tee up the first shot of each hole.)

  • Batsuda all two strokes , but missed swing is not counted in the bats. When the shot was hit on the ball of the others, your ball is intact, the ball of the others will return to the original.
  • Please be supra from everyone hit the Ichida eyes. and then we will continue to hit from the person away from the cup.
  • If the 2 strokes and subsequent other ball in the direction of is of the way, we can ask you to mark towards the other get to move the ball.
  • when the cup-ins, such as golf, you do not need to pull out the flag. As soon as possible for the next person, please move from the green.

For OB (for the range which must not be exceeded)

  • OB (out of bounds) is (indicated by the line for OB line) Shirokui and two in the indication of (for OB zone, shows the range enclosed) tape of blue to white pile . OB area (course of Shirokui or surface of the green side) If you exceed the , in addition to 2 strokes , the position that has passed through the OB area to Hall (cup) Stay away position ( 2 range of within the club) Please play put the ball in.
  • After become OB factor of the facility (gradient, such as the structure) in , if you return to the range ball is not a OB . Please judge in the ball stopped position .
  • When it does not strike if there are trees and a fixed object is, unplayable (not strike, can not play) to declare a , please refer to the same treatment as the OB. (2 strokes plus)
  • Park Road along the treats as OB line. (Local rule)

■About etiquette

  • Play to be in the 1 set of 4 within people .
  • When the player has entered the attitude to be to strike, or moving the companion, or aloud, should not be or standing in the front and rear of the player.
  • After Hall out Get out from promptly Green. (score after hole out -. Please fill in, etc.)
  • Deliberately should not delay the progress of the game.
  • in the course is the entire non smoking . Evening Bako Let’s smoking in a place that has been decided.
  • Within the facility, making it a drinking, bring in alcohol is prohibited . (play after drinking also please refrain.)
  • Let’s cherish the equipment. You will be reimbursed Once you have damaged are lending club.
  • It is a park of public facilities. Let’s cherish the lawn. Also, let’s not to damage such as branches of trees.

  • Clothing is optional at this, but you can not play in the non-athletic shoes (sneakers).
  • You can not bottle of bringing into the course.
  • Play of the status of each group, depending on the speed, if there squirrel , fun, please do feel good play.